Recovered Work

You don’t really know which projects you really want to work on until you can’t access them anymore. It’s sort of like playing eenie-meanie-miney-moe when you can’t come to a decision—the one you feel bad about not picking is the one you should’ve went with.

I experienced the same thing when my big computer crashed and I had lost my NaNo draft. Naturally, I got a surge of ideas for it once I couldn’t see the work I had already done. I even dedicated a specific journal with ideas for that story only. That generally means I’m pretty serious about it—or at least I’m thinking about getting more organized when thinking about it.

So of course, as soon as all that happened, the computer went kaput, and for a few days I was very scared I had lost all of it forever.

Thanks to a friend, I did end up recently recovering the document.

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Intro to Stained Glass

Today, on a rare Saturday off, I went with my stepmom to a stained glass open house.

Wow, there are some really talented people in the world. There were lamps, window decorations, wind chimes, clocks, and tons of pendants and ornaments on display from a ton of different individuals, all with their own style and color schemes. Some were classic soldered, others were fused, and a few were mosaic. All of it was impressive.

I know very little about stained glass, but it was still pretty inspiring. I even earned a small cut from leafing through the panes.

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The Suffering of Unicorns

The unicorn thing from Starbucks may have gotten a little bit out of hand.

In my city, the three available coffee dispensaries have run out. As a coffee shop that does not make this multi-colored, sparkle-filled drink, I’ve heard several complaints from my customers. Enough to the point that they are making phone calls to all the stores in town to see if they still make the Frap. It’s a little sad.

I’m enjoying the memes, though. The Voldermort one is pretty nifty. Makes me chuckle all the time.

More than that, though, I do feel bad for all the poor baristas who’ve had to make hundreds upon thousands of this drink this week. I’ve heard that some stores have drawn crying faces next to the drink on their signs since it’s a pain to make.

The powerlessness of these baristas is the same scenario as the characters in our novels—they have little control over the suffering they must endure.

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My Printer Sings

I’ve needed a new printer for a while. Haven’t owned a working one myself in about five years or so.

Today, I finally unboxed the new one I got and set it up. Thankfully, it didn’t take long. It’s even wireless, so I don’t have to mess around with any cables. Didn’t even have to use the CD to install it, since so many things are downloads these days.

When I printed the alignment page so I could scan it in, I thought it sounded a little strange. I mean, I haven’t actually heard a printer in a long while, so I didn’t think much of it. Was just sort of weird. But then I went to print something else a few minutes later and confirmed my prior suspicions—what were the odds that I was hearing the same oddity twice?

The printer was singing.

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Laptop Teaching from the Grave

Losing the laptop to its untimely death taught me a lot of things about my creative process.

It’s a mixed feeling overall.

On one hand, it was heartbreaking. Being disconnected from my many projects, not knowing if I’d lost all the work I’d done for good or not—that was horrible. The funny thing about the entire fiasco was that I’d had the thought to upgrade to backing up on the cloud just days before the thing breathed its last. Unfortunately, I’m not one to immediately act on my first thoughts. Doing so would’ve probably saved me some agony.

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Easter and Strange Ideas

Happy Easter if you celebrate it!

I was at work all day, so I didn’t hang out with family or anything. Didn’t even earn time and a half because the company I work for doesn’t recognize it as a national holiday (because it’s not, technically).

But I don’t really mind. Not a huge fan of the chocolate, but I like rabbits for the most part. I did when I was a kid, too.

I have evidence.

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Time to Work

Man, I’m beat.

Someone at my job quit suddenly, leaving a couple of gaps in the schedule. Today, that meant that I worked a split shift. My brain and body are paying for it now, since they’re a little worn. But doing what I did was the neatest, and simplest solution to an immediate problem (and trust me, in retail on a busy Saturday night, it is very much an emergency).

But I anticipated this. That’s what usually happens when I go to work, even on a normal day—I returned drained. Therefore, I know not to save my creative projects for after work if I can help it. I try to schedule them for better times.

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Free Cell–Or Lack of It

The only real gripe I have about my new computer is that, as far as I’ve been searching, it doesn’t have Free Cell on it. At least not in the traditional sense.

Sure, I could probably find a version online. But it’s not the same. It doesn’t track wins and total games the same way. I lament the over 10k games record I lost on the poor, dead laptop.

Don’t get me wrong—I wouldn’t trade situations. I like my new computer. It works great and should run almost anything I need it to. Definitely a step up from the laptop. But I miss my busybody thinking activity.

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